The Team

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Manufacturing is responsible for fabricating parts requested by the various subsystems. Along with part production, the team helps with CAM software and the Haas (CNC mill) set up.

What We Do

Manufacturing is works with the Shop Manager to monitor tool inventory and condition. We maintain contact with Jason Barnes at the SCC (Student Competition Center) if any machine requires maintenance.


During Car 91’s year (2015-2016) the manufacturing subsystem made most of the machined parts, particularly those on the CNC mill and lathe. With only four team members, the subsystem was understaffed and overloaded. Its members did not return the following year, resulting in no manufacturing team in operation during Car 43’s year (2016-2017). This resulted in each subsystem assuming responsibility for fabricating its own parts, with two people running the Haas. Currently, although manufacturing continues to be a subsystem responsibility, teams receive valuable time-saving assistance from the Manufacturing Director, particularly for parts needing to be made on the Haas.

Technical Information

We have a variety of machines in the Student Competition Center. This includes manual mills and lathes, a CNC mill and lathe, a water jet and other standard tools. Members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this equipment. Training is available.

Future Goals and Projects

A goal for early fall is to have training sessions on the Haas and the new CNC lathe.