The Team

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Testing, validation, and maintenance. Those are the main goals of this subsystem. An integral part of any racing team is the performance division. Working hand in hand with the development team, the performance subsystem is meant to bring our finished car to its top level while concurrently maintaining previous cars as driver training and development platforms. People in this subsystem will primarily be working on maintenance of older cars. As the year progresses, members will assist with drive and testing days to develop the new car.

What We Do

This year there will be increased emphasis on logging driving hours on the competition car. In years past, GTMS has had little to no drive time in the cars taken to Michigan and this year that will change. We will be working extensively with every subsystem to find out what we need to test. This way the team has validation for the design and, in addition, this allows the car to be finely tuned and be as fast as possible for each event. This subsystem coordinates drive days to log as many hours on the car as possible. This serves multiple purposes, namely actual testing time and raising team morale. Although the focus of drive days is to obtain valuable feedback about the car’s performance, teammates enjoy the change of pace the outdoors provides and the camaraderie across subsystems. Finally, performance oversees maintaining the older cars in our shop. This affords new recruits tremendous opportunities to learn how to machine parts and understand how each car is made.


There is not much history on performance. Over the past couple of years, notable accomplishments credited to the performance team have been negligible primarily because there hasn't been a car ready in time for proper testing and tuning. This year we plan on being well prepared to test.

Technical Information

One of the main things judges look for in the FSAE competition is testing and validation. The technical information is based on the other subsystems. For example, if we are testing some aero components, we refer to aero’s technical info and ask someone on that specific subsystem what it is we are trying to accomplish with testing.

Future Goals and Projects

The future goal of performance is to tune our car to be as fast and efficient as possible. Hopefully we can have dialed in setups for each event that maximize the car’s performance.