The Team

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The Team

The team is organized in a hierarchical tree headed up by the Executive Board made up of Chief Engineer, Development Director, Management Director, and Business Manager. Together they work to develop the principle mechanical design of the next car, set goals and targets for the upcoming season, and manage the overall direction of the team.

A group of senior-level leaders collaborate on the execution of goals, oversee training of the newest members, support existing teammates and implement efficient organization and effective communication practices within the team. Various Subsystem Leads and Directors head up the main functional areas critical to the success of the car. Each lead is tasked with making sure their respective system is on track and supervises members within that group. The subsystems concentrate on the design, fabrication, and analysis of individual components pertinent to each system.


christopher scank - chief engineer

4th Year Aerospace Engineer                    319.899.7540


Geraghty Anne Ellis - Management DirectoR

3rd Year Mechanical Engineer                    239.284.8353



Subsystem Leads


Beneath these Executive Board, various subsystems divide the work and specialize in specific areas of the car.    The Subsystem Leaders lead their respective teams in the design, fabrication, and analysis of individual components on their specific system. 


Vajraang KamaT  AeRodynamics Lead


Samuel Kiley  Electrical Lead


Ethan Sinclair  Chassis Lead


Brandon Strecker  Powertrain Co-Lead


Dani Adamson  Controls Lead


Thomas Slattery Powertrain Co-Lead


Dustin Roth Suspension Lead

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