Joining a team in the Student Competition Center is one of the best opportunities available at Georgia Tech to aid both your professional development and career endeavors. Numerous companies enthusiastically sponsor GTMS by providing the funds necessary to team operations. In return, sponsors gain priority access to recruit our members. Involved students are highly sought after for their extensive interdisciplinary experience. Companies that actively recruit for engineering and business positions include General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Caterpillar, Michelin, SpaceX, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, and NASA.

Benefits of Membership


GT Motorsports deals with real engineering problems in the truest sense - working to solve problems that have no known solution. This environment is not like traditional classes where there is always a correct answer to a problem. Taking part on the team will expose you to almost every type of situation that engineers have to work with, and the problems are not straightforward. There is no definitive answer to the “best” suspension upright or brake caliper design, no optimum manufacturing techniques for a part, or how to design a model that is most applicable to real life. The team even deals with bureaucracy - defending design choices to management and compromising on an agreeable solution. Through teamwork you will learn how to “make it work” even when there is no clear solution, which is the core of engineering. The business side of the organization imparts the importance of “checks and balances”. It takes a great deal of money to build and maintain a racecar and fund team expenses. This allows business members to implement precise accounting practices and understand the importance of a well-developed business plan. While promoting the team, marketing and PR students perfect their communication skills and gain invaluable experience interacting with potential recruits, dedicated alumni and invaluable sponsors.

In addition to skill development, the people you will come across comprise a diverse professional network, including hundreds of alumni currently in the industry. They are forthcoming with advice and valuable insight for the betterment of the team and are invested in the ultimate success of its individual members moving forward. Supportive alumni visit the shop, lecture about their area(s) of expertise, and share personal experiences. You will develop friendships as you work alongside fellow students who share common interests. As teammates spend countless hours in the shop, strong bonds are formed with each other over sleepless nights of building racecars and a mutual love of what we do. The team truly becomes the equivalent of a second family.

Expectations of Members


GT Motorsports is a completely voluntary organization, but as such, its success hinges on members who are committed, attend shop regularly and flourish in a team environment. The extent to which you benefit from being a part of GTMS is directly correlated to the time and dedication you invest. In order to be successful on the team you should come to shop nights and be engaged. Leaders do their best to give new members interesting projects, but sometimes the most crucial work can be the most arduous.

Aside from being present, you’re encouraged to learn and ask questions when you are unsure of something. Initiative goes a long way in developing your skills. Volunteering for tasks will stand out, and you should strive to become the member that your subsystem leader can depend on. You are the future of this team, so it is critical that you develop the skills that the senior members possess. While it is their job to transfer their knowledge and to teach you, it is up to you to learn. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel you are under-utilized.

Making mistakes is okay and expected. Many of our members had never picked up a wrench or changed their own oil before joining this team, so you can imagine all members have made their fair share of mistakes. This is not, however, a license to be reckless. Ask for help if you are not sure of yourself, especially in situations where you can get hurt.

Learn More About the Subsystems

To learn more about what each subsystem's roles are on our team, along with their main projects and goals, click on their name below to be redirected to their specific subsystem page. 

Aerodynamics   •   Business   •   Chassis   •   Controls   •   Database   •   Electrical   •   Manufacturing   •  Performance   •   Powertrain   •   Suspension


How to Join - Recruitment Information for F19


Recruitment is open for Spring 2019!

During the spring semester, we target our recruitment towards open positions that we have on the team. However, all are welcome to apply. We are mainly looking for individuals with experience and/or interest in:

  • Controls general members (focus on pedal box)

  • CS Development (including database, cloud development, javascript, query apis, rest api development)

  • Team social media, outreach and branding development

If you are interested in joining our team, begin your application for membership via our Recruitment Portal here.

Recruitment Events/Timeline

Informational Session - January 10th, 6-8pm Howey L2

Meet and Greet - January 17th, 6-7pm Howey L2

Applications are due January 18th by 11:59pm. No late applications will be accepted.

General Information:

Regular Shop (Work) Nights: Wednesday & Friday starting at 6pm, Saturday starting at 4pm

Competition Dates For 2019: May 8th-11th, 2019

Questions? Post in GTMS Recruiting Slack ( or email our Executive Board at